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It might not look like much, but this lubricant actually chastity cage has some of the highest rated reviews around. Users say it’s a little thicker than olive oil, so it won’t get tooooooo runny on you. Packed in an airbag and wrapped in a bubble film, but still the bottle is slightly wrinkled.

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During sex or when playing with toys, it creates an effortless glide that lasts a good amount of time. It’s slippery, and it keeps you wet, yet there’s also a delicious hint of drag/texture to it. This is thanks to its silicone content, which helps it be a lot more durable than pure water-based lubricants. When it comes to manufactured fake cum you buy from the store, each recipe varies, and you have to read the label to find out what ingredients are inside the fake cup. If you’re using a fake cum you bought in the shop, then you have to read the label individually. Some fake cums are safe for both consuming and using on the body, while others are OK to use on the body but will not be safe for consumption.

  • This is a great lube and works best when you use a little more body lotion then K-Y Jelly.
  • There are so many fake sperm recipes online, but sometimes they are not the best possible solution.
  • Simplicity is the key, so Doc Johnson really took care of giving us the perfect simple, yet satisfactory dildo to suit the fancy of anyone who isn’t bothered by many confusing functions.
  • Now that you have your homemade cum with you, how do you use it?

Because it is so tight I do use a lot of lube with it, especially when I first got it. Eventually the toy began to break in and I didn’t need quite so much. It also comes in an interesting box that’s worth collecting. Oil based lubricants include many readily available products, such as kitchen oils. They are usually edible and are safe for the vagina, but they can be messy.

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Pornhub provides you with unlimited free porn videos with the hottest adult performers. Let’s look at some of the most popular questions that people have when it comes to using fake cum. It can be a very fun way to spice up your sex life and satisfy the cum fetish. There are plenty of brands that sell fake cum, but not all of them are of great quality. Those interested in using fake cum have options that range from professional grade to DIY.

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This session goes low at the same time that it flies high. You will never see anything like this anywhere else. Best thing of all, it is 100% authentic and shot in real-time. Rory Knox is a submissive woman who combines overall hotness, an amazing ass, and a fiery mind in one package.

Add more teaspoons if the mixture looks too transparent or light for you. Lastly, a plastic container to store the lube, like a hand sanitizer bottle or a plastic ketchup container. 2 to 4 teaspoons of cornstarch – add more cornstarch if you want a stickier lube, but minimum should be two teaspoons. Image via instructables.com This whole process shouldn’t take more than minutes. Once done, you can pour the mix into some tupperware for use later. Just make sure to let it cool for a long time before storing it.

So why shell out twenty bucks on some fancy packaging and a name brand when all you are really trying to do is get it on? Instead you can grab some corn starch and water and create your own super cheap and super lubey lube. It costs just $6 (About £4) for a huge 250ml bottle.

Instructions state to dilute the mixture by 50% before using. Much better to use it straight out of the bottle. The problem is, the bottle is a tiny, 1 fluid ounce – enough to fill the syringe only once. The finished result definitelylooks like real sperm.